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NOTE: To complete registration for an On-Demand webinar, you will click a button that reads “Pay & Join Webinar.” The webinar will begin immediately, however, it will be available to you for future access through a link that will also arrive in your email.


For those who are paying for and registering other individuals, the unique link will be sent to their email. After hitting “Pay & Join Webinar,” please don’t be thrown by the fact that the webinar will start, knowing that they’ll have access to it at their convenience.


GoToWebinar, our third-party vendor, will send a confirmation email, including the link, to the registrant's email address.

FAQ's for On-Demand Classes

I didn't receive a confirmation email?

Check your spam for an email from It's also possible that you have a typo in your email address at the registration page. To solve this, please contact us using this form, Click Here

At the registration page, it says "Pay & Join Webinar." Could I pay, then take the webinar at a later time?

Yes, after payment is received, you'll get an email from GoToWebinar with your unique link to the class that will allow you to attend at your convenience. 


After registering for an On-Demand class, how quickly can I take it?

GoToWebinar will send a confirmation email with your unique link to the class immediately upon registration. 

I'm registered for an On-Demand class, will I be able to stop & start it?

You will not have the option to start and stop. The curriculum and quiz were created to be viewed in a single, 2 hour session.

What device should I use?

Use a personal computer, laptop or iPad. With a mobile phone, you won't have as good an experience.

Does it matter what browser I use?

Yes, the webinars are supported best by Firefox and Chrome. Do not use Safari.

I'm registered for an On-Demand class, how long do I have to access the webinar?

The webinar will be available to you for 30 days. After submitting the quiz, you will no longer have access to the webinar. If you're not able to take the class within 30 days, please contact us.


I'm registered for an On-Demand class, when will I get my results?

If you take the class during standard business hours, you'll have the results by the end of the next business day. If you take the class over the weekend, you'll have results by end of business day Monday. 

To request a discount for groups of 10 or more, or a moderated Q&A with your group, please complete this form.

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